Wide-Load Transportation Service in The Atlanta, GA

We offer unparalleled wide-load transportation services. Catering to industrial manufacturers, we redefine the standards of safety, reliability, and efficiency in the transportation of oversized cargo. Discover the benefits of our wide-load services as we seamlessly transport large and heavy loads.

Wide-Load Transportation in Atlanta, GA

What Wide-Load Sizes Can You Transport?

We specialize in transporting wide-load cargo with precision and expertise. Commonly, our wide-load transportation services cover cargo exceeding standard dimensions, often extending beyond 8.5 feet in width. Trust our fleet of flat-bed trucks equipped with 48', 53', and 90' stretch trailers to transport wide loads securely, ensuring compliance with all safety regulations.

Common Wide-Load Items

Common items transported via wide-load transportation include:

  • Oversized machinery
  • Prefabricated structures
  • Industrial generators
  • Large manufacturing components
  • Construction materials
  • Large vehicles

Wide-Load Services

Tailored for industrial manufacturers, our services go beyond the ordinary, emphasizing safety and reliability in every aspect. Our team is well-versed in handling the complexities of wide-load logistics, employing advanced techniques and equipment to ensure the secure transportation of oversized cargo.

Safety is our top priority. We adhere to stringent safety protocols, employing experienced drivers and utilizing state-of-the-art technology to guarantee the safe transport of wide loads. Industrial manufacturers rely on us for the peace of mind that comes with knowing their oversized cargo is in capable hands.

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If you require reliable and secure wide-load transportation services, Myles Trucking is here for you. Contact us during our business hours, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday, to schedule an appointment. Reach out to us today for a quote and discover trustworthy wide-load transportation.


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These guys are so polite and respectful. We needed this added to our community. I do believe, as far as added to the community, like I remember it used to be, I would have to say that these guys have won my heart. From now on, they will be my first pick whenever I am stranded in my car. And I would hope that everybody would follow suit. It's about time somebody came in and changed it up for us I was beginning to think that Gwinnett was still in the seventies and there was no hope in this county ever growing and prospering other than the all high and mitey in the wealthy game. All I can say is, Thanks Guys to Myles for coming to grow with the county I grew up in. You are a blessing in disguise.
I broke down heading 85 north coming through Burford GA today coming from my pick up. I reached out to these guys because my coolant pipe on the passenger side of my semi started leaking coolant pretty bad. These guys came right out and replace my coolant pipe with silicon heater hose. Service was definitely on point the mechanic took his time to make sure I was good and that no other hoses were leaking. If you're in the buford ga area and are in need of a mobile service reach out to these guys they will get you back on the road. Service much appreciated.
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